Call for Participation in the SMCS Mentoring Program

The findings of the 2016 IEEE MGA’s Member Segmentation Survey indicate that 67% of professional IEEE members desire to have “opportunities for professional networking”, which, for academics, includes having a senior colleague available to them as a mentor, and 80% of IEEE student members also desire “opportunities for professional networking”! ...

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New Book: "Uncertain Rule-Based Fuzzy Systems Introduction and New Directions, 2nd Edition" by Prof. Jerry M. Mendel

Presents fully updated material on new breakthroughs in human-inspired rule-based techniques for handling real-world uncertainties.

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Editorial of Issue 59, January 2018, of the eNewsletter of the IEEE SMC Society

Dear Readers, Welcome to the first issue of year 2018 of the eNewsletter! As usual, the issue is packed with interesting information. Among much more, do not miss the messages from the President and Junior Past President, the information on the newly elected Board of Governors and Executive Committee, and the call ...

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