Call for Speakers: IEEE FDC Symbiotic Autonomous Systems (SAS) Initiative Workshops

IEEE Symbiotic Autonomous SystemsThe IEEE FDC Symbiotic Autonomous Systems (SAS) Initiative fosters studies and applications focused on the convergence of human augmentation with the increasing intelligence and awareness of artefacts, leading towards a symbiosis of humans and machines. This will have significant implications for human society as a whole, affecting culture and the economy and prompting new questions about our place on Earth.

The SAS Initiative is organizing the following workshops. Selected workshop speakers will be also invited to submit an article about their contribution on a special issue of the IEEE System, Man and Cybernetics Magazine.

The Rise of Symbiotic Autonomous Systems Workshop

Co-located with Technology Time Machine (TTM) 2018

The workshop seeks speakers addressing the main SAS research areas and trends, including but not limited to:

  • Advanced Interaction Capabilities
  • Self-evolving capabilities
  • Autonomous Decisional capabilities

Contributions are also welcome on:

  • Regulatory aspects
  • Ethical aspects
  • Educational aspects

Please find further information on the call for speakers, deadlines and how to submit your contribution at: https://symbiotic-autonomous-systems.ieee.org/conferences/SASatTTM2018

Symbiotic Autonomous Systems: Fostering Technology, Ethics, Public Policy, and Societal Enablers Workshop

Co-located with the International Conference on Systems, Man and Cybernetics (SMC) 2018

The workshop will allow for the discussion of the implementations and implications of symbiotic systems. In addition to technical aspects, emphasis will be placed on important factors that need to be taken into consideration such as environmental, structural, and socio-economic constraints. The WS will consist of presentations of research, technology-policy and ELS (Ethical, Legal and Societal) issues as keynotes and technical talks and stimulate active participation of all attendees.

We are inviting researchers and practitioners in industry, academia, and government from the above communities to present at this workshop.

Please find further information on the call for speakers, deadlines and how to submit your contribution at: https://symbiotic-autonomous-systems.ieee.org/conferences/SASatSMC2018