Article II. Field of Interest

Article II. Field of Interest: 2022 Updates

The Field of Interest (FOI) of the SMCS includes:

  • Integration of the theories of communication, control, cybernetics, stochastics, optimization and system structure towards the formation of a general theory of systems;
  • Development of systems engineering technology including problem definition methods, modeling, and simulation, methods of system experimentation, human factors engineering data and methods, systems design techniques and test and evaluation methods;
  • Application of the above to the analysis and design of biological, ecological, socio-economic, social service, computer information, and operational human-machine systems.

The SMCS Constitution notes (Article XI., Amendments, Section 1.) that "the proposed amendment shall be published in an SMCS publication that nominally reaches the entire SMCS membership with notice that it goes into effect 60 days after publication unless 5 percent of the SMCS members object.” 

Please send your objection to Okyay Kaynak by no later than 19 April 2022.