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Technical Committee on Computer Supported Cooperative Work in Design

Co-Chairs: Jean-Paul Barthes, Junzhou Luo, and Weiming Shen

The Technical Committee on Computer Supported Cooperative Work in Design (CSCWD) is a special interest group of researchers working in the fields of collaboration technologies and their applications to the design of processes, products, systems, and services in industries and societies. Collaboration technologies include theories, methods, mechanisms, protocols, software tools, platforms, and services that support collaboration and coordination among people, software and hardware systems. Related fields of research include collaborative workflows, collaborative model-based simulation, collaborative optimization, collaborative virtual environments, collaborative workspaces, collaborative wireless sensor networks, interoperability, ontology and semantics, security and privacy, reliability and sustainability, as well as social aspects and human factors related to collaboration. Application domains include aerospace, automotive, manufacturing, intelligent buildings and smart homes, logistics and transportation, power and energy, healthcare, infrastructure, administration, services, social networks, and entertainment.

The CSCWD Technical Committee was established in 2008, based on an International Working Group formed in 1999, and rooted with its First International Workshop on Computer Supported Cooperative Work in Design in 1996. Since its establishment, the CSCWD TC has been actively organizing annual international CSCWD conferences, contributing to the organization of special sessions at the IEEE SMC annual conferences, and editing special issues for well recognized journals including IEEE Transactions on Systems, Man, and Cybernetics, Part C. In 2011, the CSCWD TC was awarded the Most Active Technical Committee by the IEEE SMC Society.

The CSCWD TC currently has 122 active members from 23 countries. Figure 1 shows the distribution of the CSCWD TC members over IEEE Regions.

Figure 1. CSCWD TC Member Distribution over IEEE Regions

In the next five years, we will continue organizing annual international conferences on CSCWD. Co-sponsored by IEEE SMC Society, the 17th IEEE International Conference on CSCWD will be held in Whistler, BC, Canada, on June 27-29, 2013, and the 18th conference will be held in Taiwan on May 21-23, 2014. We will be organizing or co-organizing special sessions at IEEE SMC conferences. At IEEE SMC 2013, we will have special sessions on Collaborative Technologies and Applications, Collaborative Manufacturing and Supply Chains, Collaborative Wireless Sensor Networks and Internet of Things, and Distributed Adaptive Systems. We will edit one to two journal special issues every year with relevant journals including IEEE SMC Transactions. The CSCWD TC will have TC member meetings twice per year held at IEEE SMC and IEEE CSCWD annual conferences.

Recent Special Issues edited by the CSCWD Technical Committee

[1] Shen, W., Borges, M., Barthes, J.P., Luo, J., (Guest Editors) Special Issue on Systems Integration and Collaboration in Design, Manufacturing, and Services, IEEE Transactions on Systems, Man, Cybernetics, Part C, 41(3), 2011.
[2] Vivacqua, A., James, A., Shen, W., Borges, M., Pino, J., (Guest Editors) Special Issue on Intelligent Collaboration and Design, Expert Systems with Applications, 38(2), 2011.
[3] Chao, K.M., Shen, W., (Guest Editors) Special Issue on Enabling Technologies for Collaborative Design, International Journal of Advanced Engineering Informatics, 24(2), 2010.
[4] Li, W., Shen, W. (Guest Editors) Special Issue on Collaborative Engineering: from Concurrent Engineering to Enterprise Collaboration, Computers in Industry, 60(6), 2009.
[5] Yong, J., Shen, W., Yang, Y., (Guest Editors) Special Issue on Computer-Supported Cooperative Work Techniques and Applications, Information Sciences, 179(15), 2009.
[6] Li, W., Shen, W. (Guest Editors) Special Issue on Collaborative Design: New Methodologies and Technologies, Computers in Industry, 59(9), 2008.

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