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Technical Committee on Service Systems and Organizations

The Service Systems and Organizations Technical Committee is committed to advance  research and applications in the area of service systems and organizations. The main objectives of the committee are:
. Enhance cooperation and communication among the professionals and researchers in the field of service systems;
. Organize international conferences or meetings that provide a multidisciplinary forum for discussing and exchanging information and ideas in the service systems field;
. Develop and promote international publications in the area of service systems and organizations; and
. Increase public understanding and appreciation of service systems and organizations, as well as encourage involvement and participation of youth and collegiate students.


The TC Chair is Professor Jian Chen.

Total number of TC members is 18
There are two new TC members in this year. We will recruit more new members in the next year.
All TC members who were SMCs members last year, are still SMCs members.
Member Geographical distribution of the TC member as a percentage by IEEE region: 
78% from Region 10 ( Asia and Pacific)
7% from Region 1 (Northeastern US)
15% from Region 8 (Africa, Europe, Middle East)

TC activities:

We are organized 2012 International Conference on Service Systems and Service Management which was held at Tongji University, in Shanghai in July 2- July 4, 2012.
We are planning 2013 International Conference on Service Systems and Service Management. The Conference location is Hong Kong Chinese University.

Goals for the next five years

Organize International serial Conference on Service Systems and Service Management every year. The scale of the conference is about 200 attendees.
Attract more people join the TC
Organize special sessions for the annual SMC Conference

Three most important papers since the beginning the committee.

Roland T. Rust, Katherine N. Lemon, Alarie A. Zeithaml (2004), Using customer equity to drive corporate strategy. In: Chen, J. (eds.) Proceedings of International Conference on Service Systems and Service Management, Beijing July 19-21, Publisher: International Academic Publishers

Keith W. Hipel, Liping Fang, Michele Heng (2010), System of Systems Approach to Policy Development for Global Food Security. Journal of Systems Science and Systems Engineering, 19 (1): 1-21

James M. Tien (2012), The next industrial revolution: integrated services and goods, Journal of Systems Science and Systems Engineering. 21(3): 257-296
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