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Technical Committee on Enterprise Architecture and Engineering

Alta van der Merwe
University of Pretoria, Pretoria, South Africa

Aurona Gerber
CSIR, Meraka Institute, Pretoria, South Africa

The SMCS Technical Committee on "Enterprise Architecture and Engineering (EAE)" was established in 2012 to serve the growing Enterprise Architecture and Engineering community. https://www.ieee-smc.org/technicalcommittess/tc_eae.html Enterprise Architecture (EA) is described as a means to cope with organizations' ever-increasing complexity by ensuring that organizations appropriately use and optimize their technical resources. EA is therefore seen as an integrated and holistic vision of an enterprise's fundamental organization, embodied in its elements (people, processes, applications, etc.), their relationships to each other and to the environment, and the principles guiding its design and evolution. Enterprise Engineering (EE) is defined as the engineering skills and activities necessary to construct and implement enterprise architecture.

Due to the infancy of both the fields and due to the notion from leaders in the field that a new TC could provide a platform to establish the field of EAE, the primary objective of the EAE TC is to bring together researchers, industry leaders and practitioners involved in EAE and stimulate activities to grow activities within this new field.

In 2013 we are hosting in collaboration with the SMCS Enterprise Information Systems TC the first Enterprise Systems conference in Cape Town, South Africa (www.es2013.com). We also proposed a special track at the yearly SMCS conference in Manchester (https://www.smc2013.org/), where we will have a technical committee meeting for all our members attending the conference.

Our five year plan includes co-hosting of the annual Enterprise Systems conference, the growing of the EAE community and to investigate the establishment of an Enterprise Architecture and Engineering journal.
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