Internet and intelligent systems are playing a major role in shaping the way we work, play and live. Within the comparatively short time since it came into existence, the internet has become the universal platform upon which many, if not most, forms of digital communication are built. It has helped to create the new extensively connected world we have today, where social networks keep us closer to one another and electronic commerce makes us all part of a global economic community. On the other hand intelligent techniques have provided a driving force for new systems and applications on the internet to be developed that are more capable, versatile and useful for businesses and the general public in common. Together internet and intelligent technologies have opened up important challenges and opportunities to the future of our society.

In this special issue, we have selected three articles that examine some aspects of this broad and exciting area of technological development. In the first article “Towards Healthcare Based on Ubiquitous Computing”, Professor Daming Shi and Professor Richard Comley give us an outlook into the future of healthcare facilitated by pervasive, networked computing devices. In the second article entitled “The Key Factor of the Internet Information Technology on the Quality of Life for the Elderly: Application of Grey System Theory”, Professor Jui-Chen Huang studies a social aspect of internet information technology in the context of the elderly in Taiwan. In the third article entitled “A Security Mechanism for Clustered Wireless Sensor Networks Based on Elliptic Curve Cryptography”, Professor Wernhuar Tarng et al. describe a new approach to improve the security of clustered wireless sensor networks.

We hope you find them interesting and useful.

Professor Shyi-Ming
Professor Daming
Professor John W.T.
Guest Editors,
Co-Chairs, IEEE SMC Technical Committee on Intelligent Internet Systems