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  Awareness Computing Goutam Chakraborty, Tadahiko Murata and
Qiangfu Zhao
  Brain-Machine Interface Systems Michael H. Smith, Seong-Whan Lee, Vinod A. Prasad, and Ricardo Chavarriaga
  Computational Collective Intelligence Ngoc Thanh Nguyen
  Computational Cybernetics Imre Rudas, Philip Chen, and Witold Pedrycz
  Computational Intelligence Xizhao Wang and Wing Yin Ng
  Computational Life Science Michael R. Berthold, Hong Yan and Daniel Yeung
  Diagnostics and Prognostics Imad H. Makki, Matthew Franchek and Karolos Grigoriadis
  Evolving Intelligent Systems Plamen Angelov
  Granular Computing Shusaku Tsumoto and Tzung-Pei Hong
  Information Assurance & Intelligent Multimedia-Mobile
Sos Agaian, Philip Chen and Aram Arakelyan
  Intelligent Internet Systems John W. T. Lee, Shyi-Ming Chen, Tan-Hsu Tan and Yung-Fa Huang
  Intelligent Vehicular Systems & Control Jianbo Lu and Tim Gordon
  Knowledge Acquisition in Intelligent Systems Stuart Rubin and Shu-Ching Chen
  Machine Learning Daniel Yeung, Witold Pedrycz, and Wing Yin Ng
  Medical Informatics Cathy M. Helason and Yutaka Hata
  Pattern Recognition YuanYan Tang and Xinge You
  Soft Computing Ajith Abraham, Mario Koeppen, and Hideyuki Takagi
  Biometrics and Applications David Zhang and Yong Xu
  Cognitive Computing Dacheng Tao, and Yuan Yuan
  Computer Supported Cooperative Work in Design Jean-Paul A. Barthès, Junzhou Luo and
Weiming Shen
  Environmental Sensing, Networking and Decision-Making (ESND) Ni-Bin Chang, MengChu Zhou, Keith W. Hipel
and Said Mammar
  Human Centered Transportation Systems Tadatsugi Okazaki, Preeti Bajaj, and Takashi Imamura
  Human-Computer Interaction Matthew Bolton and Yan Xiao
  Human Perception in Multimedia Computing Guillaume Lavoue and Haohong Wang
  Information Systems for Design and Marketing Yukio Ohsawa and Katsutoshi Yada
  Shared Control Tom Carlson, David Abbink, and Mark Mulder
  Social Signal Processing Maja Pantic, Alessandro Vinciarelli, and Alex Pentland
  Conflict Resolution LiPing Fang and Keith W. Hipel
  Discrete Event Systems Maria Pia Fanti and MuDer Jeng
  Distributed Intelligent Systems William A. Gruver, Vladimir Marik, and Haibin Zhu
  Enterprise Information Systems Li Xu and Mengchu Zhou
  Enterprise Architecture and Engineering Alta van der Merwe and Aurona Gerber
  Grey Systems Sifeng Liu, Robin Qiu, Kun-Li Wen, Jeffrey Forrest
and Renkuan Guo
  Homeland Security Hsinchun Chen, Don Brown, Daniel Zeng, and David Mendonca
  Industrial Applications Bernhard Sick
  Infrastructure Systems and Services Margot Weijnen
  Intelligent Green Production Systems Hossam A.Gabbar
  Intelligent Learning in Control Systems Ching-Chih Tsai, Kao-Shing Hwang and
Han-Xiong Li
  Intelligent Power and Energy Systems Loi Lei Lai and Kit Po Wong
  Intelligent Transportation Systems Bing-Fei Wu
  Medical Mechatronics Ming-Yih Lee and Chung-Hsien Kuo
  Model-Based Systems Engineering Dov Dori and Azad M. Madni
  Robotics and Intelligent Sensing Hong Zhang and Saeid Nahavandi
  Self-Organized Distributed and Pervasive Systems Huaglory Tianfield
  Service Systems and Organization Jian Chen
  System of Systems Daniel DeLaurentis, Mark Johnson, Mike Henshaw and Ferat Sahin
  Systems Biology Luonan Chen


Nominations are invited for the 2014 SMC Society Awards
Nominations and supporting letters are to be submitted to the by June 15, 2014. Details of the awards can be viewed here.
Scope and Title Change of the IEEE Transactions on Systems, Man, and Cybernetics
The SMC Society is pleased to announce that the following have been elected to the SMCS Board of Governors as Member at Large

Patrick Chan
Honghai Liu
Rodney Roberts
Fabio Roli
Robert Woon

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Congratulations to the SMC Society members who were elected IEEE Fellows for 2013

Kathlelen Carley
Sam Kwong
Zidong Wang
Gautam Biswas
Ashok Srivastava
Hisao Ishibuchi
Robert Kozma
Kay Tan
Kazuo Tanaka
Germano Torres
Martin Buss
Hong Zhang
Haizhou Li
Yi Murphey

SMC Society Awards for 2013
At the Annual Awards Ceremony held during the 2013 International Conference on Systems, Man, and Cybernetics in Manchester, UK, SMCS volunteers were presented with society awards to recognize their service to the SMC Society. [more]
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