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Distinguished Lecturer Program
The primary purpose of the SMC Society Distinguished Lecturer Program is to help Society
Chapters provide interesting and informative programs to serve the needs of members of the SMC
Society and to enhance their professional vitality by keeping them informed of new technological
developments and applications. The Distinguished Lecturer Program should not support
speakers for conference, symposium, workshop or university seminars.

The SMC Society has agreed to a cost sharing plan which may be used by IEEE chapters,
sections and student groups. IEEE student groups are especially encouraged to make use of the
Program to invite outstanding speakers. Distinguished lecturers will receive no honorarium.

Requesting a Distinguished Lecturer

Based on the interests of the members, the SMC Society Chapter Chair selects a topic and
lecturer from the list of SMC Society Distinguished Lecturers. As soon as the Chapter Chair is
interested in inviting the distinguished lecturer, he or she should submit a proposal to the Vice
President for Membership for approval. The proposal should be received by the Vice President for
Membership at least four weeks before the proposed visit and should include the following items:

. The name of the distinguished lecturer and topic of the lecture
. Date and venue
. Expected impact on the chapter
. Estimated attendance
. Amount of desired travel support
. Amount of local support
. Travel support is up to $800 USD if the one-way, non-stop travel time is within 6 hours,
and up to $1,600 USD if more than 6 hours

The Vice President for Membership reviews the proposal based on the above items, the budget of
the Distinguished Lecturers program, and balance of requests among presenters. It should be
noted that there is no guarantee that funds will be available to support the request, so it is
strongly advised to submit the proposal as soon as possible.

If the proposal is approved, the Chapter Chair should contact the distinguished lecturer to finalize
the arrangements. The lecture should be open to all members of IEEE. The Chapter Chair should
publicize the event in the chapter newsletter and in the SMC Society e-Newsletter.