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Call for Papers of Special Issue on "Wearable and Ego-vision Systems for Augmented Experience"
IEEE Transactions on Human-Machine Systems
The rapid progress in the development of low-level component technologies such as wearable
cameras, wearable sensors, wearable displays and wearable computers is making it possible to
augment everyday living. Wearable and egocentric vision systems can be exploited to analyze
multi-modal data types (e.g. video, audio, motion) and to support understanding human
interactions with the world (including gesture recognition, action recognition, social interaction
recognition). Based on the processing of such data, wearable systems can be used to enhance
our capabilities and augment our perception. State-of-the-art techniques for wearable sensing
can support assistive technologies and advanced perception. This special issue intends to
highlight research in support for human performance through egocentric sensing. Topics of
interest include but are not limited to:

1- Human and wearable devices interaction
2- Egocentric (first-person) Vision
3- Affective computing with respect to wearable devices
4- Object detection, Action/Activity  recognition and tracking with wearable devices
5- Mobile/Head-mounted eye tracking
6- Social understanding from egocentric perspective
7- Daily life and activity monitoring
8- Augmented human performance
9- Benchmarking and quantitative evaluation with human subject experiments

Important Dates:

Paper submission due date ------- October  1, 2015
Completion of first round of reviews ------- January  1, 2016
Revised manuscript due date ------- April 1, 2016
Final decision notification ------- May 1, 2016
Final version of the manuscript due ------- June 1, 2016

Papers should be submitted to http://mc.manuscriptcentral.com/thms with a cover letter
including the statement "This manuscript is submitted for the special issue on Wearable and
Ego-vision Systems for Augmented Experience ". For detailed submission information, please
refer to "Information for Authors" at http://www.ieee-smc.org/publications/thms-info-for-authors.pdf

Guest Editors:

1- Giuseppe Serra, University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, Italy - giuseppe.serra@unimore.it
2- Rita Cucchiara, University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, Italy  - rita.cucchiara@unimore.it
3- Kris M. Kitani, Carnegie Mellon University, USA - kkitani@cs.cmu.edu
4- Javier Civera, University of Zaragoza, Spain - jcivera@unizar.es

All enquiries about the special issue should be sent to giuseppe.serra@unimore.it
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