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Call for Papers of Special Issue on "Drawing and Handwriting Processing for User-Centered Systems"
IEEE Transactions on Human-Machine Systems
There has been significant progress in the automatic processing of handwriting and drawing,
especially in computational models to generate, analyze and recognize pen tip and gesture
trajectories in various applications. While it was thought that manuscript production would
decrease with the dissemination of computers, today the trend is reversed with the boom of new
touch and pen-based interactive devices. Progress in automatic processing of handwriting and
drawing, both on-line and off-line, opens real opportunities to produce a true "graphonomics"
continuum from paper to digital practices. One key challenge is to bring pattern recognition into
reality with applications, taking advantage of the implicit or explicit human-machine interactions.
In this special issue, we invite new and original scientific work taking into account the user in the
drawing and handwriting processes in terms of usability, efficiency, collaboration, interaction,
cross-learning, and related topics. Consequently, papers are solicited that cross the various
communities studying these important and complex human-machine relationships in
"graphonomics" fields: pattern recognition, humanities, neuroscience, arts by considering human
centered point of views to design, model and test new advances in these research areas.

Topics of interest include (but are not limited to):
1- Pen and touch-based human-machine interactions with gesture or drawing interpretation.
2- Human-machine cooperation in education: semi-automated handwriting evaluations; teaching
and learning handwriting based on children-machine interaction.
3- Adaptive, incremental, evolving learning approaches for: handwriting recognition (off-line and
on-line), writer identification and recognition, signature verification.
4- Document processing based on human-machine interaction loop: historical document,
5- Human-machine cooperation in medical applications based on handwriting analysis, motor
control, learning and adaptation of writing and drawing movements in neuroscience
6- Usability, efficiency, collaboration, interaction experiments for applications to evaluate human-
machine cooperation in the graphonomics field.
7- Interaction with mobile devices using drawing and handwriting.
8- Multi-language handwriting processing.

Important Dates:

Paper submission due date ------- October  15, 2015
Completion of first round of reviews ------- January  15, 2016
Revised manuscript due date ------- April 1, 2016
Final decision notification ------- May 1, 2016
Final version of the manuscript due ------- June 1, 2016

Papers should be submitted to http://mc.manuscriptcentral.com/thms with a cover letter
including the statement "This manuscript is submitted for the special issue on Drawing and
Handwriting Processing for User-Centered Systems". For detailed submission information,
please refer to "Information for Authors" at http://www.ieee-smc.org/publications/thms-info-for-

Guest Editors:
1- Eric Anquetil, IRISA Laboratory, INSA de Rennes, eric.anquetil@irisa.fr
2- Giuseppe Pirlo, Universita degli Studi di Bari "Aldo Moro", giuseppe.pirlo@uniba.it
3- Rejean Plamondon, Laboratoire Scribens, Ecole Polytechnique de Montreal,
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