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Norbert Wiener Panel Session at SMC2014
Contributed by Vladik Kreinovich, University of Texas at El Paso

The 2014 IEEE International Conference on Systems, Man, and Cybernetics, held in San
Diego on October 6-8, was dedicated to Norbert Wiener, the Father of Cybernetics, in honor
of the 120th anniversary of his birth.

To commemorate this anniversary, SMC 2014 featured the Norbert Wiener Panel Session in
which recipients of the IEEE SMCS Norbert Wiener Award, the primary research award of the
IEEE SMC Society, discussed a broad selection of society-related topics.

The IEEE SMCS Norbert Wiener Award recognizes "significant contributions to research in
systems science and engineering, human-machine systems, and/or cybernetics." The
awardees are the research leaders of the SMC Society. Their experience and their opinions
are of great interest and great value to all SMC Society members.

During the Norbert Wiener Panel Session, seven recipients of the Norbert Wiener Award were

These exciting presentations were followed by a question and answer session in which many
members of the audience actively participated.

Thanks to all the participants of the panel and the attendees for their interesting insights and
fruitful discussion.
William B. Rouse
Stevens Institute of Technology
1986 Norbert Wiener Award
"Control and Communication in Animals, Machines, Organizations,
and Societies".

Keith Hipel
University of Waterloo
2000 Norbert Wiener Award
"Tackling Climate Change: A Systems of Systems Perspective:

Lotfi A. Zadeh
University of California at Berkeley
2003 Norbert Wiener Award
"Wiener's Cybernetics and Shannon's Information Theory - A Personal

Dimitar P. Filev
Ford Motor Company
2008 Norbert Wiener Award
"Evolving Embedded Systems in Cyber-Physical Applications"

Jose del R. Millan
Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne
2011 Norbert Wiener Award
"Brain-Machine Interfaces: Perception-Action Closed Loop"

Lawrence O. Hall
South Florida University
2012 Norbert Wiener Award
"Do we need new learning algorithms or just the ability to blend
existing ones?"

William A. Gruver
Simon Fraser University
2013 Norbert Wiener Award
"Algorithmic Trading of the Financial Markets: Research and Personal
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