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Van Passen named best Associate Editor of the SMC
Transactions for 2014

M. M. (Rene) van Paassen studied Aerospace Engineering
at the Delft University of Technology, Delft, The Netherlands
obtaining both the MSc (1988) and PhD (1994) degrees
there on studies into the neuromuscular system of the pilot's
arm.  He thereafter was a Brite/EuRam Research Fellow
with the University of Kassel, Germany, working on
means-ends visualization of process control dynamics,
and a post-doc at the Technical University of Denmark.

Since 1997 Rene has worked in Aerospace Engineering at the Delft University of Technology,
first as Assistant Professor, and later as Associate Professor. He works on human-machine
interaction and aircraft simulation. His work on human-machine interaction ranges from
studies of perceptual processes of the visual and vestibular system, and human manual
control, to studies in interface design, complex cognitive systems and human error. For
running the experimental facilities at Aerospace Engineering -- among which a full flight
simulator (www.SIMONA.tudelft.nl), and a Cessna Citation II aircraft configured as a fly-by-
wire testbed and flying classroom -- he wrote DUECA, a real-time distributed middleware
layer. He currently also serves as coordinator for the second and third years of the Aerospace
Engineering BSc. curriculum. He authored or co-authored over 75 journal papers and nearly
300 conference papers. In his career he received the IEEE-SMC Franklin V. Taylor Memorial
Award in 2007, twice received an AIAA Certificate of Merit for a best paper at the AIAA
Modeling and Simulation Technologies conference, and a best paper award at the 2013
American Helicopter Society conference.

Rene has served as associate editor, and as associate editor-in-chief for the IEEE
Transactions on Systems, Man and Cybernetics Part A, and he is currently associate editor
for IEEE Transactions on Human-Machine Systems.
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