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Getting to know Lance Fung

Let's start from the beginning, where were you born?

Lance: I was born in Hong Kong in the 50's and I left the city in the early 70's. While I visit HK
occasionally, I am always amazed with the development and the ever changing landscapes. I do
ask myself the "whatif" questions if I have stayed back..

Where have you been since leaving HK?

Lance: I worked as a Radio and Electronic Officer in the merchant navy in the late 1970's and
then spent 5 years in Bristol and Cardiff, UK. After that, I spent 6 years in Singapore before
settling down in Australia during the past 26 years.

Where did you receive your training and education? in UK?

Lance: Yes and partly. I received my training as MREO in HK and then pursued a Bachelor of
Science Degree in Maritime Technology and a Master of Engineering Degree in System Test
Technology from the University of Wales. I also received my doctoral degree from the University
of Western Australia in 1993. My thesis dealt with power system engineering, optimization and
knowledge-based systems.

How about your work experience? What did you enjoy the most and what made you

Lance: I enjoyed my days as a young marine officer which gave me the opportunity to travel and
dealing with technology ranging from radio telecommunication, radar, satellite navigation to
power and control systems. Subsequently, I spent 6 years lecturing in Singapore and then 26
years in Australia universities. For the past ten years or so, I concentrated on postgraduate
supervision and training. My proud moments are when my students received their degrees and
awards. Hearing news about their achievements also makes my day.

Your roles with IEEE?

Lance: I have been an IEEE volunteer for over 20 years and currently I am the longest serving
member in the WA section. I have served nearly in all positions in the executive committee. I am
honoured to be able to serve as a Member-at-Large in the IEEE SMCS Board of Governors. I am
also a member of the IEEE New Initiatives Committee (NIC). My involvement with IEEE has been
a great experience and enjoyable while working with colleagues and fellow IEEE members on
projects and events. I look forward to assignments that enable me to serve the community with
IEEE leadership in new dimensions and directions.

How do you handle your work, family and IEEE commitments?

Lance: The answer is Balance and be realistic. I can't do all jobs alone nor can I do the
impossible. I spend most time in communicating and organising, this applies to all fronts. It is
important to get on well with people, recognise their work and be fair but firm.

What do you do for relaxation or holiday?

Lance:  I enjoy a quiet time walking with my family's Labrador along the river, reading a good
book and listening to music. Given more time, I prefer cruising with my wife as we both love
ships and the sea. In particular, today cruise ships are wonderful designs with plenty programs
onboard while visiting many exotic places.

And the final words for our readers?

Lance: Consider life as a ship - stay upright and afloat; make sure you have the energy and
resources to go from one place to another; expect bad weather now and then, but they will pass
and a rainbow will follow; keep track of where you are heading and don't just rely on the
autopilot; the journey may be long but it will worth it! Thank you for your time.

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