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First Call for Papers:  IEEE SMC Magazine
Mo El-Hawary
Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering
Dalhousie University,
Halifax, NS, B3H 4R2


The scope of content published within the IEEE Systems, Man, and Cybernetics Magazine
matches the technology areas within the Society's Field of Interest (FoI):

Article subjects include the integration of the theories of communication, control, cybernetics,
optimization, systems engineering technology development, including problem definition
methods, modeling, and simulation, methods of system experimentation, human factors
engineering, as well as their application to the variety of systems including human-machine,
biological, technological, ecological, socio-economic, and societal systems, data and methods,
systems design techniques and test and evaluation methods, and system structure towards the
formulation of a general theory of systems

We solicit feature tutorial research articles and surveys that report on timely topics of interest
including, but not limited to, the following:

Systems Science & Engineering

Conflict Resolution
Consumer/Industrial Applications
Control of Uncertain Systems
Cooperative Systems and Control
Decision Support Systems
Discrete Event Systems
Distributed Intelligent Systems
Enterprise Information Systems
Fault Monitoring and Diagnosis
Intelligent Power Grid
Smart Metering
Infrastructure Systems & Services
Homeland Security
Intelligent Green Production
Intelligent Transportation Systems
Large-Scale System of Systems
Manufacturing Systems/Automation
Micro and Nano Systems
Quality/Reliability Engineering
Robotic Systems
Service Systems & Organizations
Smart Sensor Networks
System Modeling and Control
Technology Assessment

Human-Machine Systems

Assistive Technology
Augmented Cognition
Brain-based Information Communications
Design Methods
Entertainment Engineering
Human-Computer Interaction
Human Factors
Human Performance Modeling
Human-Machine Cooperation & Systems
Human-Machine Interface Web Intelligence Interaction
Information Visualization
Information Systems for Design/Marketing
Virtual and Augmented Reality Systems
Interactive and Digital Media
Interactive Design Science & Engineering
Kansei (sense/emotion) Engineering
Medical Informatics
Multimedia Systems
Multi-user Interaction
Resilience Engineering
Supervisory Control
Systems Safety and Security
Team Performance and Training Systems
User Interface Design
Wearable Computing


Agent-Based Modeling
Artificial Immune Systems
Artificial Life
Biometric Systems and Bioinformatics
Computational Intelligence
Computational Life Science
Cybernetics for Informatics
Evolutionary Computation
Expert and Knowledge-based Systems
Information Assurance & Intelligent Multimedia Computation
Heuristic Algorithms
Hybrid models of NN, Fuzzy Systems and  Evolutionary Computing
Image Processing/Pattern Recognition
Fuzzy Systems and their applications
Intelligent Internet Systems
Knowledge Acquisition in Intelligent
Machine Learning
Machine Vision
Media Computing
Medical Informatics
Neural Networks and their Applications
Swarm Intelligence

The Magazine is also intended to communicate to readers about the activities and actions of the
SMC Society's governing body, its Technical Committees, and its Chapters. Furthermore, the
Magazine will offer educational material such as technical review papers, publish contributions on
educational activities, industrial and university profiles, conference news, book reviews, a
calendar of important events.

Submission Instructions

Authors are encouraged to communicate their intent to submit manuscripts by email as an
attachment to the Editor-in-Chief for further details. Submitted articles should be tutorial in nature
and should be written in a style comprehensible to readers outside the specialty of the article.
Articles may be edited for content, and will be copy edited for compliance with the magazine's
style guidelines. Submissions should indicate the name and contact information (address,
phone, fax, email) of the corresponding author.
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