Welcome to the June 2010 Issue of the eNewsletter. This is Special Issue on Human Centered Transportation System (HCTS) of the IEEE SMCS, which was organized the Technical Committee on HCTS. We would like to Thank Editor Prof. Hong Yan and contributions from Prof. Egil Pedersen, Prof. Preeti Bajaj, and Prof. Yukiko Kakimoto.

The ‘Transportation’ is one of main Human activities including ‘Human’, ‘Vehicle’, and ‘Money’. It is the usual and the social base, the people never escape from the Transportation systems. This issue of the eNewsletter invites the topics of Human-based research from ‘Ship’, ‘Car’ and ‘Airplane’. All topics can apply beyond the fields.

[Ship] The article from Prof. Egil Pedersen gives a review of the guidance and decision-support display in ship-to-ship lightering operations.

[Car] The article from Prof. Preeti Bajaj gives a review of the driver’s fatigue detection.

[Airplane] The article from Prof. Yukiko Kamimoto gives a review of the role of interface as a reminder from the relationship between pilots and traffic controllers.

We hope you enjoy this Special Issue.

Koji Murai Tadatsugi Okazaki
Guest Editors, Technical Committee on Human Centered Transportation System