Writing Good Papers For
TSMC-C Applications And Reviews

The TSMC-C presents application-oriented papers, short technical correspondences and review papers concerning all areas of interest to the SMC Society: systems engineering, human factors and human machine systems, and cybernetics and computational intelligence. Currently, we are promoting newly established areas, namely those of multi-agent systems, semantics and ontologies and their applications focusing on distributed systems.

The SMC, Part C Transactions focuses on papers introducing real-life applications, preferably from industrial domains. Especially, we welcome papers dealing with application(s) based on a combination of 2 or more modern research methodologies/approaches. Concerning the review papers, papers oriented towards the “attractive” novel areas such as biometrics, computer security, evolutionary computing, agent-based systems, ontologies and semantics are rather welcome. A high-quality review paper is not just a list of available models, systems, and references, but it should provide wide comparison and fair evaluation of various approaches. This is the key factor which mainly contributes that such review papers are highly-ranked, e.g. by the top download hits via the IEEE Xplore.

Additionally, through the special issues we promote and disseminate “hottest” research topics that are expected to have strong readers’ interest. Our policy is to publish 2 special issues (as maximum) per year.

Our main objective is to publish high-quality papers for application-oriented experts and professionals. The Editor-in Chief may withdraw a submitted paper if it is out of scope of the Transactions or is of sufficiently low quality or significance. If the reference list in the paper is out of date, it usually implies a low quality: for a popular area, we would expect to see references of related work published within the previous three years. The work presented by authors in the paper must be their original and not previously published or under review elsewhere. We may consider extension of conference papers but the current content must include a substantial percentage (at least 40%) of new enhanced modifications, i.e. analysis, experimentation, application enhancement over the conference paper.

The transactions is seen as a platform for efficiently exchanging cutting-edge information in the field of cybernetics and for presenting the hottest application results. This is reflected in the increasing impact factor: 0.482 in 2004, 0.706 in 2005, 0.885 in 2006, 0.864 in 2007 and 1.375 in 2008.

Papers to TSMC-part C are submitted electronically through IEEE’s Manuscript submission system at http://mc.manuscriptcentral.com/smcc-ieee. Regular papers are normally about 10 IEEE Transactions pages in length, or shorter. Technical correspondences are generally no more than 6 Transactions pages in length. The maximum number of Transactions pages for a review paper is 16.

Papers that are accepted are put as electronic pre-prints on IEEE Xplore once the final materials are received and processed. Our Transactions is published bi-monthly, having 6 issues per year.

We are working hard to attract high quality reviews and strongly motivating application papers!

About the Author

Prof. Dr. VLADIMÍR MAŘÍK is the Head of the Department of Cybernetics at the Czech Technical University in Prague (CTU). He received Ph.D. degree in 1979, DrSc. degree at CTU in 1989. During the last 15 years, he acted as a co-ordinator or a local co-ordinator of several international research projects in the field of artificial intelligence (Tempus, EUREKA, FP5, FP6). He was the General Chair of the DEXA'93, DEXA'03, IEEE/IFIP Conference BASYS'98, BASYS'02, and IEEE ETFA 2006. His main professional interests include distributed AI, multi-agent systems, knowledge based systems, machine learning, planning and scheduling for manufacturing etc. He is (co-)author of 5 monographs, 8 textbooks, a co-editor of 6 books published by Springer Verlag and 2 books by Kluwer Academic, Boston, co-author of more than 120 papers at international conferences, 28 papers in reviewed journals, etc. He acts as the Editor-in-Chief of the IEEE Transactions on Systems, Man and Cybernetics Part C. Prof. Marik was awarded the Honorary Cross for Science and Art by the President of Austrian Republic in 2003.