March 2009
Issue #26
Editor's Message

It's a great honor for me to serve as the new Editor of the SMCS eNewsletter. I'd like to thank the members of the Board of Governors for appointing me to this position and for their trust and support. Also I appreciate the help from the former Editor and his assistants, who have provided useful tips on the editorial work.

In addition to news items, the eNewsletter will publish featured articles on research, education and industrial applications. It aims to provide a useful platform for the society members to exchange research ideas, especially in emerging areas, and even to debate different approaches.

The March 2009 issue of the eNewsletter focuses on biomedical research. It contains three articles on computational systems biology, microarray gene expression data analysis and medical informatics, written by the members of three SMCS Technical Committees respectively. In the future, we’ll publish articles in other areas, such as machine learning, systems engineering and human-machine interactions.

Please consider using the eNewsletter to promote your research work, your groups, and any activities you organize. I would consider any kind of submissions, including text, graphics, video, etc. Since we publish the information electronically, nothing will be too short or too long. You can contribute a news item with just a few lines, or a research article of any length. You can find the submission guidelines here.

I hope you enjoy reading the eNewsletter and would welcome your comments and suggestions.

Hong Yan