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Operating Procedure for the Distinguished Lecturers Program

    1. The Distinguished Lecturers (DL) Committee is a special committee of the SMC Society, consisting of the following eight members:

    i. VP Membership (Chair)
    ii. Jr. Past President
    iii. VP Systems Science and Engineering
    iv. VP Human-Machine Systems
    v. VP Cybernetics
    vi. EIC of the SMC Transactions, Part A
    vii. EIC of the SMC Transactions, Part B
    viii. EIC of the SMC Transactions, Part C

    2. The procedure for operation of the DL Program is as follows:

    The DL Committee will develop criteria for evaluation of distinguished lecturers. The Chair of the DL Program will request the members of the Board of Governors to solicit candidates.
    Each candidate will be requested to submit a biographical sketch, abstracts of two lectures, and availability for lectures to the Chair of the DL Committee.
    The DL Committee will evaluate and recommend a slate of distinguished lecturers for approval and appointment by the President. The term of appointment for a distinguished lecturer is two years with a possible two year extension.
    The names and lecture titles of the Distinguished Lecturers will be sent to the SMCS Webmaster and the Electronic Newsletter Editor for listing on the SMCS Web Site and the Electronic Newsletter. Requests for distinguished lecturers will be made to the Chair of the DL Program. Requests will include a matching contribution to be determined by the DL Committee in consultation with the Treasurer.
    The DL Committee will review and update the list of distinguished lecturers. The President will be notified of changes in appointments and recommendations. The Chair of the DL Committee will send changes of the Distinguished Lecturer Program to the SMCS Webmaster and Electronic Newsletter Editor.
    The nomination of a DL who has already completed two terms will be considered two years from the last date of service termination.

    December 12, 2011


Nominations are invited for the 2014 SMC Society Awards
Nominations and supporting letters are to be submitted to the by June 15, 2014. Details of the awards can be viewed here.
Scope and Title Change of the IEEE Transactions on Systems, Man, and Cybernetics
The SMC Society is pleased to announce that the following have been elected to the SMCS Board of Governors as Member at Large

Patrick Chan
Honghai Liu
Rodney Roberts
Fabio Roli
Robert Woon

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SMC Society Awards for 2013
At the Annual Awards Ceremony held during the 2013 International Conference on Systems, Man, and Cybernetics in Manchester, UK, SMCS volunteers were presented with society awards to recognize their service to the SMC Society. [more]
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